Handle authentication like a pro

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While working on a project, I have faced some issues regarding storing authentication tokens. I did not know how to save the authentication tokens in the frontend securely and such that the users do not log out after they refresh. After some days of headache, I have learned the ultimate way to store the authentication tokens in the user browser. Today, I will share my ideas on how to store and protect authentication tokens. At first, we will discuss why we should not store authentication tokens in the client-side codes. …

Restrain Users from Clicking on Unwanted Links

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Mitigating web vulnerabilities and ensuring high security is the topmost priority of a web developer. When deploying a website for a new business or a SaaS application, we need to ensure that our system is not vulnerable to any potential risks.

The number 1 rule while working on web security is never to trust the users. Sometimes hackers post malicious links to the website to hack the users who click the links. Sometimes the hackers post phishing links to get unauthorized access to the users’ sensitive information. …

Exploring the possibility of web scraping in Node.js

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Scraping web applications is one of the most fun subjects for me and maybe for you too. Aside from fun, it is one of the most prime topics in data science.

Many of us may know how to scrape web data using Python or using some online tool. This article, however, will demonstrate how we can scrape data from static websites using Node.js. We will scrape data from this website and show the data in API.

Creating a New Node.js Project

At first, let’s create a new Node.js project. …

Follow these simple steps to start creating without the help of tutorials

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Many of us can’t work or create anything outside of tutorials. It seems like we are stuck at tutorials forever. For many years, I was also stuck at the level of tutorials. I couldn’t do anything outside of the tutorial. But I gradually overcome this, and now I can finish my projects without the help of tutorials.

In this article, I will discuss 5 actions that will help you make something without the help of tutorials.

1. Don’t Rush

It is the first step in learning something. You don’t need to rush to learn something. …

Start Your Programming Journey as A Competitive Programmer

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Competitive Programming, or sometimes referred to as sports programming, is usually a programming contest held for a fixed amount of time over the internet or in someplace. In simple terms, competitive programming is a programming contest with some complex puzzles.

In competitive programming, we usually need to solve a specific number of problems in a fixed amount of time. These problems can be mathematical, logical, or any problems that can be solved using programming.

Practicing competitive programming and attending regular contests is a great way to increase your potential in solving coding challenges in real life. …

Never Hassle Again Working with GraphQL Pagination

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When working with GraphQL, one of the most intriguing parts is pagination. Working with pagination in GraphQL is quite different than in the REST APIs. In this article, I will explain why we should not use the traditional pagination in GraphQL. We will also discuss the correct way to use pagination in GraphQL.

Why We Should Use Pagination

Well, that’s a pretty basic question to answer. We need the pagination to prevent the overflow of data on the frontend, thus limiting the webpage from lagging.

Pagination gives us the power to show a specific number of data, thus allowing the smooth flow of the web…

Md. Rashedul Alam Anik

Full-Stack Web Developer and Competitive Programmer.

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